Monday, May 2, 2016

I wasn't even sure I knew how to write a blog post anymore!

It's been so long since I last posted, that I wasn't even confident I would be able to log in to my account.  Since my last posting, I've gotten back into coaching volleyball and that has taken up much of my extra time outside of teaching, momming, wifing, and adulting.  This also left even less time for working out.  I think this was actually a good thing.  The first "rest" for my hip allowed some more healing and I've been dappling with running ever since.

My sister, Katie, began running in the last year (2015) and we since then completed a few races together.

 This was her first 5k ever (July 4, 2015)!  We finished holding hands!

This was our first run of 2016. We participated in a 4pm 4 mile local fun run.

 Oh yeah, I've also moved into our new house that we built.  This means new running routes and I have a new running partner that lives RIGHT NEXT door!

 And here the family is from this weekend at the Illinois Marathon.  We all ran the 5k Friday evening, including Macy and Tyler who rocked it.  My sister and I did the 10k in the rain on Saturday.

Not sure if any hippies are actually reading this, but I hope you have some assurance that you will recover from surgery and your running career is far from over.  I have my eye on some possible half marathons and I'll begin training soon.  Give it some time and you will too!

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